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Indian Journal of School Health and Wellbeing - RESEARCH PAPERS
RESEARCH PAPERS - Chapters of November 2016


Year Journals Authors
Nov. 2016 “National Consultation on University and College Counselling Services in India”: Key Recommendations. Dr. Vikas Baniwal & Ms. Anshu
Nov. 2016 Research Articles: Expression of Social Inclusion and Exclusion in Adolescent Friendships. Ms. Aakanksha Bhatia
Nov. 2016 Educational Resilience: A Study of Students belonging to the Economically Weaker Section. Ms. Deepti
Nov. 2016 Development of a Secular Identity in Religious Denomination Schools: A Case-Study. Ms. Manika Sandhu
Nov. 2016 Importance of Resilience through Leisure Satisfaction to overcome Academic Stress. Dr. Suparna Jain, Ms. Aditi Upreti, Ms. Ekta Chopra, Ms. Kartika Ladwal, and Ms. Rashmi Marwaha
Nov. 2016 Peer Pressure: A Reflection on Adolescent Peer Cultures. Dr. Kavita Vasudev
Nov. 2016 Sexual wellbeing of Adolescents with Autism. Dr. Supriya Singh
Nov. 2016 Lessons from Cross-Cultural Perspective on Human Development and Education in India. Ms. Shefali Sharma
Nov. 2016 Adolescents & Youth Today Enriching the Life Skills Paradigm. Ms. Astha Sharma, Ms. Aparna Singh & Ms. Aparjita Dixit
Nov. 2016 Perspective Papers वैयिक जीवन पर बाज़ार का भाव Praveen Kumar
Nov. 2016 The Mahatma's Sons: Harilal and Manilal Gandhi (A psychodynamic perspective on the father-son relation). Ms. Swati Sehgal
Nov. 2016 Adolescence Denied: The Life and Works of Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain. Ms. Nidhi Seth
Nov. 2016 Reflections / My Voice सरकारी नीितय का अितिथ िशक के मानिसक वाय पर भाव Bhanu Priya
Nov. 2016 Acceptance: Need and Desire. Ms. Vidushi Dahiya
Nov. 2016 A Portrayal of Adolescent Angst: How The Perks of Being a Wallflower Contributes to the Mental Well– Being Discourse. Ms. Ima Kazmi
Nov. 2016

The Hundred Languages of Children Towards 'Well-Being' of our Youngest Learners- Lessons from the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education.

Ms. Suhasini Kanwar
Nov. 2016 Book Summary: Perspectives and Perceptions on Academic Writing and Citations. Click for Details
Nov. 2016 Subscription Information. Click for Details