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Indian Journal of School Health and Wellbeing - RESEARCH PAPERS
RESEARCH PAPERS - Chapters of March 2016


Year Journals Authors
Mar. 2016 Research Articles Fear in Children's Literature: Stories as Emotionally Enabling Experiences. Swati Sehgal and Nidhi Seth
Mar. 2016 Hierarchies and Power Relations between Adults and Children. Ravneet Kaur
Mar. 2016 Including the Visually Challenged Student: Journey of the Teacher. Gagandeep Bajaj
Mar. 2016 Inclusion of the Gender Diverse Child in the Classroom: Some Significant Issues. Shivani Arora
Mar. 2016 Interface between Identity and Religion: Children's Negotiations at Home and School. Toolika Wadhwa
Mar. 2016 Towards the Holistic Development of a Child: Some Reflections from the Writings of Tagore, Aurobindo and Krishnamurti. Vikas Baniwal
Mar. 2016 Beyond Life Skills and Adolescence Education: Conceptualising Mental Health as the Ethic of Care. Vishakha Kumar
Mar. 2016 Addressing the Developmental and Psychological Needs of Adolescents through Mental Health Service in Schools. Shefali Sharma
Mar. 2016 Mental Health Concerns of Elementary School Children. Snigdha Madaan
Mar. 2016 Understanding Middle Childhood in Urban Locales: Some Illustrations from Popular Bollywood Cinema. Rashi Mukhopadhyay
Mar. 2016 Exploring the Notion of Teacher as Counsellor in Municipal Corporation Schools of Delhi. Nitesh
Mar. 2016 Classroom Guidance Program- An Essential Tool for School Counseling. Rima Sehgal
Mar. 2016 Understanding and Reaching out to the Psychological World of Children with Autism. Supriya Singh
Mar. 2016 In the Era of 'English-Vinglish': Dreams and Aspirations of First Generation Learners of English. Deepti
Mar. 2016 Educational Experiences of Children with Handicaps. Suman Sharma
Mar. 2016 Beyond Labels: Recognising the Hidden 'Gift of Dyslexia'. Aditya Rao
Mar. 2016 Emotions, Identity and Mental Well-being of Teachers: Some Lessons from 'Divaswapna'. Chandan Shrivastav
Mar. 2016 Peeping through the Window: Lessons from Children's Experiences at School. Manisha Subba
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