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Indian Journal of School Health and Wellbeing - RESEARCH PAPERS
RESEARCH PAPERS - Chapters of January 2018


Year Journals Authors
Jan. 2018 Binge-watching: A Road to Pleasure or Pain? Ms. Aditi Mehra & Ms. Amita Gujral
Jan. 2018 Media Portrayals of Disability and Relationships: An Exploration of the Self and the Other Ms. Sabreen Kaur & Ms. Urvashi Dixit
Jan. 2018 Making Lives Whole: Exploring Facets of Dog-Human Companionship Ms. Noyonika Gupta & Ms. Simran Kaur
Jan. 2018 Parenting a Child with Autism: Shared Experiences and Unique Realities Ms. Kaaveri Dhingra
Jan. 2018 Guilt and Shame Proneness in Young Adults: Exploring Relation with Personality and Well-being Ms. Jagrika Bajaj & Ms. Mansimran Kaur
Jan. 2018 Resilience among Adolescents with Visual Disabilities Ms. Kriti Trehan
Jan. 2018 Dark Humour and Personality Correlates Ms. Akansha Marwah & Ms. Garima Chaturvedi
Jan. 2018 Physical Intimacy and Romance in Young Adulthood Ms. Shivani Sachdev & Ms. Swathi J. Bhat
Jan. 2018 Mirror Neurons and Consciousness: A Meta-synthesis Ms. Ayushi Shukla
Jan. 2018 Madness and Creativity: Unravelling the Mystery through Case Studies of Popular Artists Ms. Anshu Chaudhary

Saadat Hasan Manto : Ms. Andree & Ms. Ana Gupta
Sylvia Plath : Ms. Kanika Mohan & Ms. Kriti Trehan
Adolf Hitler : Ms. Ria Dayal
Eminem : Ms. Poorva Parashar
Jan. 2018 Are You There Alone? Ms. Niru Sankhala
Jan. 2018 Your appearance is none of our business Ms. Lavanya Kaushal
Jan. 2018 Finding your Funny Ms. Parul Tewari