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Indian Journal of School Health and Wellbeing - RESEARCH PAPERS
RESEARCH PAPERS - Chapters of April 2012


Year Journals Authors
Apr. 2012 Comprehansive School Health Policy. Jitendra Nagpal, Sadhana Prashar & Cherian Varghese
Apr. 2012 The Concept of Well Being in the Context of School Education. Geetesh Nirban
Apr. 2012 Life Style Stress Altering Immunity Resulting In Poor Health. Anil Suri
Apr. 2012 Be Cholesterol Fit in Young Age (To have Healthy Heart and Healthy Brain). H.K. Chopra
Apr. 2012 First Aid: Mounting Concern in School. Jitendra Nagpal, Priyanka Gera, Satish Bhardwaj & Rupinder Sharma
Apr. 2012 Strategies to Improvise Teacher Tasking for Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD). Priyanka Gera
Apr. 2012 School Mental Health In India: An Emerging Paradigm On School Counseling Service. Divya S. Prasad, Amulya Khurana & Jitendra Nagpal
Apr. 2012 Emerging need for Media Literacy in schools. Seema Khanna
Apr. 2012 Life Skills Based Capacity Building For Young Film Makers In Schools – An Innovative Methodology for Participatory Learning. Jitendra Nagpal & Priyanka Gera
Apr. 2012 Attitude towards substance use: A comparative analysis of male & female school students.

Divya S. Prasad, Amulya Khurana & Jitendra Nagpal

Apr. 2012 How Can We Offer Education To Young People That Give Them The Happiness, Passion, Challenge And Satisfaction? Indian Music the reservoir of Education. Priyanka G
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